Lunch Menu

Evening Menu

Platters to share


Side orders


Ciabatta or Jacket Potato

Bacon, brie & cranberry - Beans & cheese - Cheese & onion - Cheese & tomato - Ham & cheese - Pesto & mozzarella - Ham and mushroom - Chorizo and mozzarella - Chicken and bacon with garlic mayo - Sausage and red onion - BBQ chicken and cheese - Veggie chilli - Beef chilli.


A selection of Pizzas with seasonal variations available at lunchtime evenings and as a takeaway.


Greek Style Stuffed Mushroom (gf)

Topped with garlic tossed rocket. Vegan option available.


Tomato Fritters (gf)

With a balsamic dip & salad


Dough Balls

With a sweet chilli dip


Wild Mushroom Soup

And toasted ciabatta


Somerset Camembert

With toasted ciabatta, served with quails eggs, olives, pickled onions, piccalilli and sweet pickle.

Tapas board

Consisting of prosciutto, chorizo, salami, olives, pickled onions, sweet pickle, piccalilli, a selection of cheeses and thinly sliced ciabatta.

6oz Beef Burger

In a dressed brioche bun, topped with cheese, served with chips and onion rings.


Beer battered Chicken Burger

In a dressed brioche bun, served with chips and onion rings.


Halloumi & Mushroom burger

With garlic mayo, in a dressed brioche bun, served with chips & onion rings. (V) – Vegan option available.


Beef chilli Nachos

With jalapenos, served with salsa & sour cream.


Vegetarian Chilli Nachos

With jalapenos, served with salsa & sour cream. (V) – Vegan optional available.


Wiltshire Ham, Egg, Chips & Beans (gf)


Asparagus, broccoli and red wine pie (V)

Served with chips and minted peas.



Cheese, ham or both


Italian Ploughman’s Tapas


Chips – Side salad – Cheesy chips – Onion rings

Poached pear in red wine

With raspberry coulis and cinnamon cream. (Vegan optional available)

Bread and butter pudding

With hot custard, sprinkled with cinnamon crystals.

Cherry crumble with ice cream

Drizzled with raspberry coulis.

Chocolate brownie

With ice cream, topped with a biscuit tuile.


French brie, Stilton, Somerset mature cheddar, double Gloucester chives and onion.